5 Interesting Types of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Everyone dreams of a perfectly landscaped garden that complements their taste. There are thousands of different design ideas one can use to beautify the space depending on the size and use of the yard. One of the most popular ideas is to build a garden of different themes. If you want it more to elaborate, then you can install a pond or even a fountain or a small waterfall. If you are sporty or if you have kids, putting up a play area is also ideal. If you have a more extensive space, a swimming pool is also possible. All these installations can surely beautify your yard but what would make it even more gorgeous is the installation of outdoor lighting Houston TX. Having the perfect lighting can make your landscaped yard more lively or elegant depending on how you want it to look. Lights create an ambient atmosphere that makes every landscape picture-perfect.

Lantern Lights

Lantern lights are the most basic type of landscape lighting. You can purchase them in any home decoration store and what’s better is that they come in different shapes and sizes. They are also colorful and very stylish. Moreover, these are the types of lights you can install in every corner of the space. They make pools, patios, porches, and pathways look elegant. Additionally, they also offer safety for anyone who walks along the area.

Path Lighting

Ordinary pathways can look elegant when installed with path lighting. It makes the ambiance of any pathway entrance look sophisticated. You can design it with a theme of your choosing which will make anyone who passes by feel like they entered a different era or a different place. Installation of lights along the paths or walkways is also necessary for safety purposes. Well-lit paths make moonlight walks even more attractive.

Down-lighting and Uplighting

Both types of lighting create drama in the atmosphere which adds more beauty to a landscape. You can put downward lighting in elevated areas and points in a downward direction. It gives highlight to an object or space below it. It imitates the moonlight in places where its glow is rare or unseen. On the other hand, uplighting is used to highlight great objects. They are often placed beneath trees to highlight the maze of trunks and the canopy of leaves.

Shadow Lighting

Shadow lighting, as the name implies creates a shadow of an object behind it. The best location is in front of a tree or wall and placed on a flat surface like the ground or platform. You can determine the distance of the light from the subject so you can portray and focus on the object you want. It often creates a moody effect on the object of focus.

Flood Lights

Floodlights are intended to highlight the best feature of a property. It is used not just in homes but also in buildings and other architectural structures. They may also be used to highlight fountains, waterfalls, ponds and even old and tall trees. It often creates an atmosphere that showcases the elegance or the importance of a specific object. It is the type of lighting that attracts anyone who comes by to notice the subject.