Are you in the market for a new impact driver

Are you in the market for a new impact driver? Then read these best impact driver reviews:

#1 Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel 1/4 Impact Driver

The Milwaukee Impact Driver is not heavy and uses a lithium-ion battery. It weighs 2.6 lbs. Related designs possess brushes but yet this version is brushless. You would be thrilled to know that this driver comes with various settings and is suitable for projects that require less power and it won’t damage the surface area will mess up the job you are trying to execute.
Milwaukee is a model that is breaking all sorts of records, in regards to high performance & reliability – particularly with the M18 line. Accesories included: It comes with the bare tool, so no charger, battery or case if you want to attach socket to the tool then attach it via. a 1/4″ hex drive bit holder. This ought to be the ideal impact driver for the money, without a doubt. It could be costly for few, but absolutely worth it in the long-run. I notice much more tradesmen purchasing these a lot more and I can see why after I tried them out on different projects. There is coherent drive and stability when driving 6′ lags or screws into decking or rim joists without difficulties and the battery power kept right up to 4hrs on just one charge of abuse.

In summary, the Milwaukee brand earns a five-star rating in my book and their solid 5-year limited warranty makes it hassle-free purchase.

#2 Ridgid GEN5X R86035SB 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/4 in Cordless Impact Driver

While the Ridgid models are probably not as popular as other leading brands, it certainly does have its admirers. A lot of customers who have tested other brands concur that this is a lot better driver than the others they have been trying, at half the price.

The Ridgid Cordless Impact Driver Pack is a great tool for every handy-man. The first things you will observe about it is the amazing battery life that can last a while between projects. The variety of speed and power settings is also good features. As a bonus, Ridgid provides the free batteries for life program as a part of their Lifetime Service Arrangement. This also comes equipped with a battery indicator that permits you to check how much battery life you have left. All Ridgid batteries are well-matched and interchangeable, so you can mix and match different batteries. How much does Ridgid cost? It is actually available at varied retail prices from unique sellers and retailers. Although, it is more affordable compared to other leading brands, and you get free batteries with it.

I was satisfied with the torque, speed variations, and comfortable grip handle, and it is a bargain for what you are getting. If you are searching for a compact driver that is definitely as efficient at home as it is at the job site, then this is certainly the choice.

#3 Bosch 25618-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/4-Hex Impact Driver

Bosch 25618-02 18-Volt is a decent impact driver for the price. You can easily enter narrow spaces. It’s durable and designed for a long lifetime.

If you have ever had to work in a small or hard-to-reach space, you’ll appreciate the Bosch Hex Compact Heavy Duty Impact drive with a thin battery. Its compact design allows you to get into these hard-to-reach places for almost any business. The optimized torque limits help not to remove the head of the screw. If you are working in poorly lit environments, you will be keen to know that it has useful LED light that easily illuminates the work surface. It provides the best control and best execution time for medium or small duty fasting jobs. It also limits an innovative function called protection of an electronic station which basically prevents damage from abuse and increases the battery life. Accesories included: it comes with one belt clip, one battery, one contractor bag, and one charger. In the end, features, prices and tons of great reviews make this compact cordless driver affordable to buy for mid-level drivers.

The electronic protection of the cell protects the battery life and reduces the damage to the tool. In the end, it must always be maintained like any other tool that is used daily or very often. If you have an urgent job or something you cannot wait until morning, the 3 LEDs will provide you with adequate illumination for your work, even in the most critical light conditions.

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