Most Recommended Landscape Design Styles for Your Garden

The beautiful state of Texas is one of the most diverse states in the country. It offers a variety of lands. It has deserts and pine forests. It also has lakes, rivers and it even touches the Rio Grande as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Different cities also feature different eras from different countries. Indeed, living in Texas can make you feel like you are in another place. And you know what’s better? You can also create your home, and its surroundings look unique, whichever you want it to be. By calling for the services of a Houston landscaping company, you can design your garden using concepts from different countries. You can make it look like your paradise so every time you step on it, you would feel like you are in a different time and a different place. Here are some ideas you might want to consider for your garden design.

Mediterranean Style Garden

If you are a fan of the Mediterranean design, or if your property adapted Mediterranean architecture, then this type of landscape design will complement your property entirely. It features an atmosphere filled with plants. You can ask your landscape architect to show you different Mediterranean plants available so you can choose your favorites to put in your garden. But of course, expect Palm trees to be present as they symbolize this type of design. There are many different plants you may use, but you need to consider the atmosphere where they will thrive.

Southwest Style Garden

The Southwest style garden is perfect in arid areas such as New Mexico, Arizona and the desert-like parts of Texas. However, this design is also fast becoming famous in different parts of the world as well due to its uniqueness. For this design, it focuses on hardscapes. It means they arrange or carve the land, the stones, and everything in the garden to improve the beauty of the place. They place decors in these hardscapes. Most of the time, they use plants which flourish in barren lands. It is perfect for you when you need minor maintenance for your garden.

Tropical Style Garden

The tropical style garden is the closest rival of the Mediterranean design. Usually, the soil requirements for both are similar so you can always choose which of the two suits your taste. When it comes to the tropical style garden, it features tropical plants and flowers. These plants are often mistaken to be the same as Mediterranean plants, but its plants usually have broad leaves, and they are elaborate. Furthermore, the flowering plants typically give vibrant and intensely bright colors. It is best if you wish to have a brightly colored garden that stands out everywhere.

Formal Style Garden

Formal gardens are ideal when you like everything to have a proper place and order. These types of gardens usually follow a symmetric pattern with straight lines and geometrical shapes. Everything is cut, fixed and arranged into perfection. This type of design does require more time for maintenance though since you might need to trim the hedges and plants every so often to keep the symmetry and uniformity.