Purchasing Office Space in San Francisco

Investing in office space throughout the San Francisco area is a way to tap into the booming tech and computing industry all in one location. When you are in the market for new office space in San Francisco, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure you make a decision that is beneficial for you and the future of your company or latest endeavor.

Pricing and Neighborhood Research

Selecting the right location for your office space is an important decision that greatly impacts your business and its potential growth in the future. Research local neighborhoods and areas throughout San Francisco before moving forward with an investment or placing bids on available commercial space. Compare property value, crime level, as well as the overall population of areas you are most interested in for your business.
Hire a Professional Commercial Realtor
Hiring a professional commercial realtor is highly advisable any time you are considering purchasing office space in a popular, growing city such as San Francisco. With the help of a professional commercial realtor, learn more about “hidden gems” to save money while ensuring the office space has everything you need for your business to grow and expand.
Space Requirements
Consider the amount of space you require for your office space in San Francisco. How many employees do you currently have working for you? Do you have plans to expand the number of employees you hire in the future? Are you in need of conference rooms, break rooms, and kitchen areas? Take into consideration the minimal amount of space you require to move into a location before you begin scheduling tours of open and available properties.
Shared or Solo Office Space

Choosing between shared and solo office space is another decision to make before moving forward with a decision that is right for you and the future of your company. When you are just launching your business, opting for shared office space helps to reduce costs and financial strain, allowing you to spend your money on other areas of growing your business. Solo office space is ideal for medium to large-sized companies with more than 10 employees who require their own workspace to get tasks completed each day.
Parking Availability
Do you require close parking or included parking with the office space you purchase? Inquire about parking availability to determine whether the office space you are interested in suits your transportation needs.
Amenities and Features
Compare amenities and features each available office space San Francisco offers before finalizing your decision and making an investment. Determine whether a nicely-decorated lobby is important to you along with the type of architecture and design that is used.
Knowing how to prepare for an office space purchase is imperative whether you are new to the business industry or if you have managed businesses in the past. Learning about property values, office space amenities, and advantages of various locations is a way to feel comfortable with and confident in any investment decision you make.