Top 7 trending façade ideas 2018

Façade is the first aspect everyone notices when they see a house. Façade is the mirror reflection of the owner’s set choices which reveal his true interests in terms of color, design and aesthetics.
Facades might have not held so much importance back in the day when houses were not so grand and extravagant, but today, house exteriors speak for themselves. Hence, it is easy to say that designing the façade of your house definitely need to be a part of a different chapter in regards to the other areas of the same house. Home specialist in Melbourne is bringing forward amazing designs of the exteriors, be it of a newly made house or a renovated one.
Whatever your budget is, you can effortlessly curb the appeal of your house by tweaking the façade designs and if you seek something modern and everlasting, here are the top 7 trends for 2018 onwards you need to consider.

Tweaking Exterior Textures

Textures bring a whole new level of appeal and attraction to the exterior of a house if applied aesthetically. The texture and the color go hand in hand. While the brick texture will only be appealing if the designer sticks to red or baked colors, the truth is, it might start looking weird if it is colored black. On the other hand, as far as the marble slab finish is concerned, it will surely look eye catching if the hues are grey and black.
In 2018, the trend seems to tilt towards a stone finish on the facades in the tones of grey and charcoal. Not only does this add a little extra sparkle and class to the whole house, but if you are planning to rent the property or sell it, this tweaking should be on your to do list!

Baked Brick Finish

Baked brick finish can never go out of fashion and for right reason too! Baked bricks give an extremely homely touch to the house and they require very low maintenance too.
Baked bricks give off a very warm touch when ideally paired with light shades of brown and beige paint. The perfect look can be achieved with a small well maintained garden in the front yard while painting the window panes and doors beige.

The Dynamic Appeal

The dynamic façade is one of its kind and it is totally new and modern. Undoubtedly, home specialist in Melbourne discloses that the dynamic aspect is more attractive than the rest of the designs as it adds texture, style and geometrical designs into one through photovoltaic panels.
The dynamic designs can be arranged in any origami like shapes to enhance the overall look of the house. This style is ideal for commercial buildings as well.
A great example of the dynamic façade would be of the high technology design system named sunbeak. This aids the owner of the building or house to control the environmental aspects such as folding and unfolding of the sunshades according to the sun’s rays. This dynamic design can be handled via a mobile app effortlessly.

Natural Finished Look

Since the modernist approach is all about uniqueness and aesthetically pleasing aspects, natural finish of the exteriors are being liked by many. This style usually revolves around timber with naturally stained finish. A weather proof coat of paint can be used to disguise the wooden touch, by staying close to its natural color and texture.
This style can be opted for small houses to enhance the façade by adding naturally finished panels horizontally or vertically. The same finish can be added to the doors, windows and other spaces to compliment the natural finished look.

The Neutral Tones

New home specialist 2018 makes known that the neutral tones are here to stay this year and the next as well. Since the neutral shades such as off-white, white, beige and grey provide a spacious look, they are being opted for on a regular basis.
The neutrality is being chosen mostly in terms of the exterior paint while tweaking the style by adding diverse materials of the same color palette on the roof, terrace, windows as well as the garage. While the textures to compliment this style are various, you can easily come up with your own unique design.

The Color Play

For those of you who need a house to look like it just came out of a story book, the color play style is the new-in to consider. The 2018 colored house trends reveal the fact that no color is too much for the exterior! Whether you crave pink, turquoise or multicolored tones; all can be designed in a way to make your house beautiful and unique.
The Pantone Color Institute reveals that the colors this year are seen to be bold, eye catching and bright. The brighter the color, the better! 2018 façade color play shows that it will be all about going for dramatic colors instead of subtle such as lime green, cherry red, etc.
What’s new this year? Colors that are closer to nature will be opted for such as Bell Heather purple, orchid pink and the nature inspired greens. These colors can be paired with metallic elements here and there in the shades of silver as well as gold.

Landscape Element Enhancement

Believe it or not, the landscape elements are going to gain the spotlight this year. You might not have paid any attention to the water tank, the garage door or the shed, but the truth is that these small background elements are necessary and hence need renovation more than you can imagine.
This year, as we speak, homeowners are picking the trend and tweaking their peripherals in a way that when all combined, give a new look to the whole house. The peripherals can include garage doors, sheds, fences, the water tank, etc.
A new home specialist can be hired to make changes to your landscape elements easily. The trend reveals that all these spaces can be designed and painted in a way that they become noticeable and give a soft, maintained appeal.